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Thank You to our Partners


Thanks to these partners, we are able to provide learning opportunities to our communities. Please check them out if you are not already following their social media or reading their publications.

Bloomsbury Elementary

Bloomsbury Elementary was instrumental in helping Urban Movement launch its very first Mandarin Language program. The school, the board and specifically Dr. Jenniffer Marycz, have been instrumental in helping young children embark on the amazing journey of learning a new language.


The wonderful developers at FingerPrintPlay, learned about Urban Movement and were generous enough to allow for free downloads of their amazing Mandarin App to the participants of our learning program.  


Without Wix, Urban Movement wouldn't be able to bring this information to your computer screen. Wix was very generous in donating their platform to help us achieve our goal of reaching you.

Fortinet is helping us take tremendous strives in creating a rewarding technology program. By offering free training and free exams for industry certifications.


Thank You to our Partners

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